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Worst nightmares can also appear with your eyes open. My worst nightmare unfolded in front of my eyes as I witnessed the damage caused due to hurricanes. Yes, I have lived through hurricane season 2017 and often break out in cold sweat just thinking of the damage and destruction that it left behind. Nature when angry has little regard for what’s in its path! I have yet to see a video, an image or a clip that does justice to the sense of helplessness and vulnerability that engulfs you, as you stand in its path desperately trying to salvage and protect your home and your loved ones.

It was my first year of having moved into the area, which was often described as the holiday paradise in the manuals that sold homes in the locality. The house was in a location considered safe, away from likely hurricane impact. Built with all modern safety measures we felt no reason to feel unsafe and exposed. Yes, when the hurricane did hit, we experienced the deafening roar of the punishing winds and the thundering and lightning as it pierced the sky, thankfully there was no physical damage to our home. We were one of the lucky few who came out unscathed from this natural calamity, but the damage caused to our city was unaccountable. Homes lay strewn broken like matchboxes, trees uprooted, and huge vehicles washed away. The loss of lives and damage and destruction to property were numbers which just grew by leaps and bounds. Nature’s fury had dragged an entire community, city, state to the edge!  It would not be incorrect to say that providence had a great role to play in our safety, as the only minor inconvenience that we suffered was having no electricity and access to running water. Compared to the hardships and tribulations faced by our fellow citizens, we were living a dream.

This year as we approach hurricane season, memories of last years’ experience brings a prayer to my lips, we can only hope for the best but prepare for the worst. A reminder from my little one as he too remembers the house engulfed in darkness is to keep flashlights and batteries ready always! When he saw the homes of many people reduced to rubble he was extremely disturbed, he often enquires about the inhabitants of the old age home few streets away. This year he has made me promise that we shall visit that home before season hits and give them a supply of batteries and flashlights. I am most certainly going to encourage this philanthropic side of him and have bought a dozen HURRICANE VINTAGE LED LANTERN WITH BUILT IN DIMMER SWITCH. A LED lantern that can be hung from a height, battery operated gives 150 lumens, adequate to light up the surroundings. Preparedness is the only way we can combat a natural disaster, cause once disaster strikes the time to prepare has passed.

An unescapable reality that we do live in hurricane zone, and we will be annually visited by those storms of varying intensity, the best approach would be to be well prepared. Prepared with food, water and LED Lanterns and plenty of batteries in case of a power outage.

We, at Style Asia carry a variety of LED Lanterns that are sturdy, functional, aesthetic and practical. A great product to lighten up your homes and a sturdy backup in case of a power outage.  Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be honored if we can partner with you as you seek to guarantee that you and your loved ones will always have the power to light up the darkness. Be Safe and God Bless!