Lighting is an Art

Lighting can say a lot about you and your home. Outdoor and indoor lighting are an extension off and greatly emphasize your personality. Strategically placed lighting can be both fascinating and captivating. Creating the apt mood by deliberately placing lights, is an art. Every glow captures and sends out a message.

Mixing the various types of lights and changing their arrangements helps create different ambiences.

A well-lit yard, successfully creates an ambience for a rocking and rollicking gathering. Subtle and sober hues, give an entirely different perspective to the same space.

The most beautiful and scenic part of your home should never be out of bounds for you or your dear ones. Placing the lighting near stairs, shrubs and bushes, garden artifacts helps to subtly announce their presence, keeping you from tripping and falling. So now you may enjoy the darkness with the light.


A gently flickering flame at the entrance is both inviting and warm. No matter the season, it always spreads cheer from dusk to dawn. At the same time, a well-lit doorway is very reassuring, giving a sense of security.

The different lanterns can be placed as floor lanterns or hung on trees, placed behind boulders or bushes creating a soft glow. The entire space is subtly illuminated without any structural interference of electric switchboards and wiring. Lighting up a space has never been easier or more fun.

Planning a birthday party, place a vintage lantern on every table. The soft hues that it creates is all that it takes to set the celebratory tone. Give them as return gifts. Serves as a gifting idea too.

During the holiday season string your fairy lights not only around the Christmas tree but invite the good cheer into your home by stringing them around the window sill too. The magical strangeness of these twinkling lights envelops your home, filling it with Christmas cheer and good spirit.

Positioning and grouping of the wide spectrum of lights available, converts a house into a welcoming home.