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My nose is special, it knows. It announces the change of season before the weather man does. I dread the months from November through March. That means almost 1/2 of the year I behave like a bear with a sore head. Trust me It is not a very pleasant situation for all around. I enjoy the holiday season, I enjoy the snow, but what acts as a spoiler is my itchy nose. I have lost count of the embarrassing situations that present themselves due to the uncontrollable sneezing that invariably occurs during this season.

The most embarrassing one so far occurred during the examinations last year, just before schools closed for the holiday season. Every one of us were writing our paper with utmost concentration and then it started, the uncontrollable sneezing and sniffing. If looks could kill I would have been dead and buried that very day I am sure. I am quite doubtless I did not score the grade I was capable of but I am also quite certain many others didn’t score well too, it was my incessant sneezing that was responsible for their underperformance. At first the glances were bordering on concern but soon those very glances changed to irritation, I can’t really blame them, sniffing continuously converts into a very irritating sound. I was responsible for their break in concentration. Soon I was asked to sit in an adjacent room and continue to solve my paper. ALONE! Having only my sneezes for company. I have never been more embarrassed.

I returned home both red nosed and red faced. The only solace was I could now sneeze and sniffle in the confines of my room without fear of piercing and irritated glares. It was just then, that I chanced upon a program on television which showcased common allergies of the season and remedies for the same. Was it Providence? I watched the entire informative program and at the end of the telecast felt reassured that there were many like me suffering seasonal allergies. Though that morning I truly felt I was the only one with such a problem. I imagined myself to be a carrier and transmitter of some deadly virus!

Help was at hand; the cause was the dry climate the treatment suggested was humidity levels were to be upped to a comfortable level. Not wanting another bout of sneezing to start, I immediately stepped out with my mother and bought a humidifier.

The season passed with minor sneezing bouts but soon those too stopped. This year I am looking forward to the winter months, the dryness does not scare me anymore. I am confident I will not be sniffling and sneezing, I will be writing my papers with 100% concentration and confidence and allowing others to write theirs too. My nose, knows. I assure you the first semblance of a dry nose will have me switch on my humidifier.

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