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Team StyleAsia

I have the amazing privilege of being a mother to twin 8-year old girls. Life has been challenging, but extremely fulfilling and satisfying. Their smallest feats make my chest swell with pride. The bond they share is breathtakingly beautiful. Their world is complete with each other and they never seem to need another. I am engulfed by a sense of wonderment as I watch that bond only strengthen with each passing day.

It was particularly difficult last week when one of them contracted the viral flu and the pediatrician advised me to keep their interaction to the minimal. Keeping them apart was a task. At my wits end, I resorted to indulging, actually bribing the healthy one! I took her shopping and bought her plenty of Knick knacks so that she was fruitfully occupied and did not disturb her twin while she rested. It was not the fear of the spread of the contagious germs that made me do that, more so I wanted the sick one to rest without any disturbance. Legos, a 100-pc puzzle, colors and a coloring book, the book from the Famous Five series was what went into the goody bag. One of the things I bought her was the 52 PC Art Set from Polaroid. I only suggested that maybe she could draw some get- well -soon cards for her sister. Innocence at its purest is all that I can say to describe the zest with which she took up the task. Every get – well – soon card that she created was unique. One just simply showed a thermometer with a 102⁰ reading and a sad face. That was the temperature when I had last checked! The love and her emotions shone through beautifully, I knew I had to encourage this talent of hers. There was a little artist inside her waiting to announce herself to the world.

The hexagonal multi-layered box of the 52 PC Art Set from Polaroid includes felt pens, color pencils, crayons, water color tablets and much more. In other words, each layer represents creativity, happiness, fun and more fun. Seeing my daughter use the stationery to express her love and concern for her twin was a revelation for me. That box set the artist in her free, her imagination and creativity taking flight. As her sister recovered she too wanted one such box for herself, I was only to happy to indulge her too! An affordable hobby, multiple purchases possible without feeling the pinch. Seeing the two of them busy with their coloring, enjoying and basking in the companionship that the box created, creating beautiful little pictures, interpreting each other’s creations fills me with a sense of security, because I know my girls will grow up having her best friend by her side always.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of the 52 PC Art Set from Polaroid. A unique multi-layered box that contains all the supplies to unleash the creativity in you. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you to spread happiness through color and creativity.