Do More of What Makes You Happy- COLOR

bulk polaroid art set

To be able to express your innermost feelings and be embraced by all, is the test of true acceptance. The inability to express oneself verbally is a challenge faced by many, often leading to reclusive and introverted behavior. We are all masters of our own identity. We may not be eloquent speakers or orators but can choose various other mediums for self- expression, music, dance, sculpturing, painting, doodling or even calligraphy and coloring. To be able to express oneself freely allows free flow of emotions, which in turn is very important for a healthy mental framework.

I distinctly remember the first set of coloring pencils I received on my 4th birthday. I was so excited that I hugged it tightly and went to bed that night. I refused to open the box and use them lest the pencil points broke or became blunt. I refused to share them with anyone, they were my most prized possession and according to me only to be admired from a distance but not used. On being promised that I would get a new box if the pencils became small due to use I was introduced to the joys of coloring. I enjoyed every minute of it, any available free time was spent sprawled on the floor surrounded with my coloring supplies. I was never lonely, I always had with me my coloring books and colors for company.

I am a parent now and encourage my children to let their creative, artistic minds go wild. I have consciously invested time and energy and introduced to them the joys of art and coloring. They have progressed from scribbling to stick figure drawings to coloring and completing their drawings beautifully. I have realized that not only did it improve motor skills when they were toddlers but also helped in hand eye coordination. I can with great relief say these kids don’t need gadgets to keep themselves from being bored, they have COLORS!

Whoever said coloring is child activity got it wrong. Coloring is now being used as therapy for adults too. It is proven to lower stress and anxiety levels and have a calming effect on a disturbed mind. The best part of coloring is that it does not require any skill. You need your coloring tools and a coloring book. There in nothing stopping you from hours of fun, peace and quiet.

Life has come a full circle, with the children having flown the nest and lots of free time, I am back to doing what I loved most as a child, COLORING! The excitement of opening a new box of crayons and color pencils is just the same. I am like that four-year-old all over again. It is truly rejuvenating and uplifting. I am never lonely, I spend hours with my supplies of colors and on every visit of my children present them with what I call a part of me.

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