Mother Nature

Mother Nature at her best is something to be experienced by one and all.

In my opinion, the lap of nature is the only place on planet earth that one can be oneself and one with the creator. We must cherish and celebrate this gift as it has  the powers to heal all, body, mind and soul.

The crisp pure air, clear skies, dark rain clouds, small brooks, mighty rivers, snowcapped mountains are our legacy to our children therefore it is our moral responsibility to leave this treasure for them in the most undiluted condition.

To make a difference, small but significant steps by every individual, every household is what is required. Harnessing of solar and wind energy is a concrete step in that direction.

If we truly love our children, our best gift to them would be, to leave them a planet worth living on. We must work towards restoring it to its pristine glory, free from pollution, disease, hunger, all a direct result of our irresponsible ways.

As we seek to be responsible citizens of Mother Earth, we bring to you our range of outdoor Solar Lighting.

  • Keep your driveway well-lit always

The radiant heat and light of the sun is all that you need to keep your driveway lit from dusk to dawn.

  • Power your entrance aesthetically

The gently flickering flame of this solar lantern gives your entrance both character and that extra inviting element.

  • Always a spring in your step, never a miss.

The solar powered Gutter lights can be strategically located around your establishment. You will never miss your step due to darkness ever again.

Enhance, illuminate, irradiate


This Multipurpose 3 in 1 Outdoor Ecothink Solar Light can be mounted, staked or guttered. Simply escape the darkness.