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My mister is a grilling master and takes his role as grillardin very seriously. By profession an IT expert, he metamorphizes into this grilling genius every weekend during summer.  Having lived almost all his life in the same town there is no dearth of weekend company. Most weekends spent in the company of his band of boys either from his workplace or the neighborhood, with his family by his side.

He has always maintained that grilling serves as his stress buster, having a high-stress, energy satiating job, grilling he says is therapeutic as it calms him, helps him put things in perspective and more over time spent in the company of buddies is only going to elevate him emotionally. An expert on food and flavors he is known never to compromise on any ingredient [witnessed him driving an extra 10 miles just to get his favorite brand of seasoning] or tool. He is extremely possessive of his 18 PCs Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set.

I am aware of the extent of manic attachment he has towards those tools! Last summer after one such sojourn, after our guests had left and we were in the process of clearing up our backyard, I happened to mention that one of the barbecue skewers seems to have gone missing. That was enough to send him into a frenzy, he had the kids crawling all around the backyard on their knees feeling the grass looking for that piece of metal. My biggest blunder was to suggest that it didn’t really matter as we had some extra skewers lying around. I witnessed a side to hubby I had never witnessed before! I was admonished for my casual attitude and given a mouthful on how this would be detrimental in the long run. I stared at him incredulously yet not understanding what the big deal was? Yes, we succeeded in finding that all important skewer, not in the grass but on the kitchen platform. How it reached there is still a mystery!

This summer so far has been no different. We have already had 8 such get-togethers and every Saturday morning is spent buying the ingredients for the days menu, firing up the grill and meticulously cleaning what he call his magical wands. The pride and pleasure with which he serves his guests is what makes every such gathering a memorable one. The 18 PCs Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set comes in a smart, and sturdy plastic box, it not only orderly displays the tools but protects them too. It includes a gourmet basting brush, slotted turner, heavy duty tongs, grill cleaning brush, barbecue fork, an all-purpose blade, 4 Barbecue skewers and 8 corn holders. After use every single one can be easily accounted for, as you place them back into the practical box. My husband never fails to reiterate “Good packaging protects your products.” “They are mine and only mine, All rights reserved” is the message that comes loud and clear as he meticulously hand washes them and puts them into their designated slots.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler of this complete barbecue tool set from Chefs Basics. The18 PCs Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set is truly a grillandin’s delight. This complete tool set satisfactorily meets all your grilling requirements and ably assists you in creating and serving the most delicious foods. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you pursue barbecuing and grilling. We believe to be happy and to spread happiness all you need is barbecue, friends and a backyard.