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As I sit to pen my thoughts on my journey from Caffeine to Smoothie, I have beside me my mason jar with the most divine, delicious and nutritious concoction. I have shifted my loyalties recently, starting as an exercise to literally bribe my children to eat fruits and vegetables by creating the most amazing looking and colorful drink and making it the most healthy and complete meal of our day. Smoothies have become the family health drink.

Our breakfast had always been the most rushed meal of the day, with all of us rushing to make it in time for class, or office. Convenience and taste were the two factors that made packs of processed fruit juice part of our daily diet. Bought and consumed in wholesale I am horrified as I think of the sugar that we consumed. It wasa visit to a juice bar, a chance overhearing of an adjacent table order, the arrival of the most exotic looking fruit juice filled mason jar that converted us for good.

The juicer that had been relegated to the bottom shelf of the kitchen cabinet now found a place on the kitchen counter. I started calling fruits natures candy and everyday whipped a combination of the seasonal fruits and created tasty and healthy combinations. The children gulped it without any resistance and the family started the day on a healthy note. Yes, I do put in a little extra time in the kitchen but seeing them gulp down the combination of fruits, vegetables, some cereals and some nuts with a few herbs thrown in for the exotic taste is totally worth it.

LE REGALO 5 PC MASON JAR SET is my partner in this health exercise. The four jars of 500ml and the glass decanter of 1000ml ensures that the entire family has a healthy start to the day. The tight seal on the cover makes it leak proof and is often carried into the car by the children, sipping their colorful drinks on the way. For myself I like it with pieces of the fruit, that gives me a feeling of being full until lunch time and sometimes beyond. The wide mouthed jars allow this and help create my specialty too. Cleaning and maintaining these jars are simple and hassle free, made from superior quality materials it never retains any odor or stains. Both the jar and the lid are dish washer safe making cleaning a breeze.

We at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of the brand LE REGALO. LE REGALO carries a complete range of kitchenware, glassware and houseware. The entire ensemble made and designed with utmost care, giving utility and aesthetics equal weightage makes LE REGALO the owners pride. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an honor if we can partner with you as you too choose to feed your family and loved ones the goodness of natures candy in a stylish and practical way.

StyleAsia takes pride in being a dependable and committed entity in the business of bulk merchandise and wholesale. Its ambit of business is vast, spreading over licensed productspromotional products and loyalty program products. A well-established general merchandise supplier for more than three decades, the ethos of the company requires it to have a holistic understanding of client and customer demands, culminating in maximizing retailer profit and satisfaction.

StyleAsia in its quest to empower scores of businesses pan the United States, allows them to market themselves professionally, using the wide range of products. Available at the most competitive rates, our merchandise is best suited to create and communicate the individual business message that they wish to convey. We have developed a business model that walks you through your entire marketing program. Choose from the wide spectrum of innovative and utility-based products and bring your vision to life. Use our premium products for corporate promotions or in the loyalty rewards programemployee recognition and incentive solutions. With the ability and infrastructure to drop-ship individual purchases too, reward the loyal and the hard-working with a personal touch. We truly qualify as a One -Stop -shop for all your corporate gifting needs.

StyleAsia is a leading solar LED supplier, a COCA COLA merchandise supplier, JIM BEAM BBQ accessories and tailgating products manufacturer and supplier, Wholesale supplier for casino marketing programs and casino premium promotions and giveaways. Our line of merchandise includes barware, bakeware and stoneware. Please feel free to connect with us or visit our showroom located in New Jersey at your convenience. It will be an honor to walk you through our entire collection of merchandise.  Ably supported by our shipping partners FEDEX, USPS and UPS we guarantee prompt and efficient delivery. Help us help you achieve your goals.