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Last week granddad turned 80. His cake read “Not old, Classic”. Simple words that so appropriately and completely describe the man. A man of impeccable integrity, benevolent, charming and principled. A combination so difficult to find today. Deciding and agreeing as to what to gift him on his big day was an uphill task. Entrusted with the responsibility of buying the gift, I was categorically informed of the characteristics that were to be mandatory to the gift. It had to be something that befitted his stature, something he would use, usage to be simple, traditional but contemporary [he not being a great fan of many things modern this seemed most difficult to fulfill] the list was exhaustive. Every suggestion was promptly struck down by the family on some pretext or the other. The date was fast approaching we had organized an elaborate celebration with no gift in hand!

As I was preparing to leave for work I fleetingly saw the documentary on Elvis Presley “The Searcher” playing on HBO. Saw it in bits and a germ of an idea grew in my head. As the day progressed, that germ had grown into a full-fledged action plan. I researched it and Bang! I had everyone’s approval for granddads gift by the end of the day. Granddad was a huge Elvis Presley fan, as a youngster he would often be called upon to perform the rock and roll at parties. Now he is always looking forward to all the radio programs that play his songs regularly. So, my suggestion to get him a vintage radio with the modern Bluetooth attachment that would enable him to stream his favorite songs to his heart’s content met with instant approval. I had fulfilled the most difficult condition of all, that of traditional yet contemporary! The radio was retro in style but modernly equipped with the Bluetooth technology. It served as a speaker and was compatible to his phone, it was a FM radio too. A complete music system! RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO is what we bought him. A classic gift for a classic man.

His reaction on opening the gift is memorable. The excitement and urgency to test it I will never forget. As we synced his phone via Blue tooth on to the RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO and as the music filled the room, unexpectedly he broke into a tottering dance step, with all of us stepping in to stabilize him. Such a pleasure to see the pure delight on his face. His twinkling eyes confirmed that our gift was much appreciated.

We, At Style Asia carry the RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO from COCA-COLA. A brand that serves to spread pleasure, joy and happiness. The RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO available in the COCA-COLA colors of red and white pulsates melody and rhythm. Synching it with a compatible device allows hours of enjoying music of your choice. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience. It shall be a privilege to partner with you in your endeavors to spread pleasure, joy and happiness. The RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO is not old, it’s a classic.