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“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger
I grew up watching his films and have followed his political career ever since he entered it. I endorse his views on renewable energy and I am strongly motivated to try my level best to reduce carbon imprints on the planet. My immediate and extended family is aware of my fascination with this big guy and I am often at the receiving end of their humor at most family gatherings. Some even calling me Arnnie in zest. Thankfully, I have succeeded in convincing my twin grandsons about the future of green energy and the importance and urgency of embracing solar and other forms of renewable energy.
Its been a while that I have visited their school for grandparents’ day activities and celebrations, but last year early in the morning on September 10th a Sunday, I had my early visitors. It was Grandparents Day! The twins arrived at my doorstep all geared to take me out for a scrumptious breakfast. My plans of fishing with my friends remained as a plan. However, I must admit that spending time with the two youngsters was truly rejuvenating and I suddenly felt more energized.
That morning was truly memorable as it was a confirmation to the fact, that the young generation was leaning to be responsible and accountable. Their first combined gift to me after they both earned and saved during the summer was, A PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY. Knowing my views and concerns on the incessant plundering of natural resources, the repercussions and consequences of the same, it truly was a well thought off gift.
They gave me the USP of their gift, as being cost effective, environmentally safe, and having the latest in battery technology. I listened to them very indulgently, enjoying their enthusiasm of sharing their research knowledge with me. This Portable Power supply that they had gifted me, was a smart piece that could be used to charge privately owned electronic devices with a maximum power consumption of 500W. They were happy that I would never be in the dark, I was elated that I could take it camping and fishing and not worry about charging my phone or my Bluetooth speakers or camera. It truly ensured me staying connected with the outside world.
Adopting alternate means of energy is not a fad but a fact. Its usage in generation of power over the years has increased tremendously but lots more needs to be done. Small adoptions by every private citizen will go a long way in repairing the damage that we have been responsible for. Pollution free, entirely free energy, relatively low harnessing cost are clear advantages of using Solar powered portable power banks.

We at Style Asia, carry a variety of Portable Power Supply batteries from brand Polaroid. Polaroid is known for its quality, substance and meaningful contribution to society. Latch on to the biggest battery, The Sun! Every sunny day is a solar energy spill, grab it for free and fulfill all your responsibilities as a conscientious world citizen.