American Builder 7 Piece Car Cleaning Kit

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  • Case Pack: 12
  • Category: Auto & Travel
  • Model Number: HW2300



About The Product:

This 7-pc set of car cleaning accessories from American Builder ensures that your vehicle is always sparkling and dust free. Each of the 7 accessories serve their role as specialized cleaners thoroughly and honestly.

Product Features:

  • WINDSCREEN COVER-This acts as a protective shield against dirt and dust. Its simplistic design makes it easy to install and secure.
  • CAR WASHING CLOTH- This soft, thick, premium quality fiber serves as a great wipe for the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. Its good water imbibition ensures that there are no water stains, giving the car a super polished look always.
  • MICROFIBER SPONGE-Super soft microfiber sponge safely lifts and removes dirt and dust from the surface. It’s easy grip shape lends itself to comfortable and thorough cleaning. Washable and reusable.
  • WINDOW SQUEEGEE- It has a soft comfortable handle even when wet. The design provides a smooth resistance free swipe. Its use ensures a streak free window always.
  • MICROFIBER DUST MITT- This super soft dust free mitten is a convenient and complete way of removing the dust and grime. Its microfiber noodles easily go into the crevices and clear it from the offensive particles.
  • DUSTER- The duster serves as a loyal assistant as you thoroughly clean the different surfaces.
  • STORAGE BAG- Collect and store all your car cleaning accessories in a neat and compact manner. The entire set fits snuggly into the smart storage bag provided.