Chefs Basics Select Digital Barbecue Thermometer

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  • Case Pack: 24
  • Category: HomeOutdoor
  • Model Number: HW5308

Cook meat to the perfect temperature every time. Pre-set temperatures gives readings for rare, medium rare, medium and well done.

  • Cook meat to the perfect temperature every time
  • Choose from beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken & turkey
  • Easily wipes clean for convenience
  • Thermometer measures food temperature in just seconds
  • Backlit Digital LCD Display
  • Hanging Loop
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Fork
  • Temperature in DegreeF or DegreeC



About The Product:

The perfect tool for perfect cooking! If you have ever experienced that your cooking effort is not leading to a perfect dish, here is a smart solution to correct that. This barbecue fork from Chef’s Basic Select has an inbuilt thermometer which monitors the temperature and lets you know when the food has reached the desired temperature.

It is tedious to control the grilling furnace temperature, instead you can grill the dish to the correct temperature and time, for perfect grilling using this fork.

While grilling, this electronic fork measures the food temperature in few seconds. The temperature is displayed in an easy and interactive way on the Backlit Digital LCD display. You can get the readings in both in Fahrenheit and Celsius scale.

Choose from Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey, grill the different meats knowing the temperature. This fork with Digital thermometer, can be easily cleaned with a single wipe. Grill your meal in a smarter way every time with all new Digital Thermometer Fork, from Chef’s Basic Select.

Product Features:

  • QUICK AND ACCURATE: Take all the guess work out from your cooking, cook the meat till the desired temperature. Pre-set temperature gives readings for rare, medium rare, medium and well done.
  • TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT: Displays temperature in ⁰F and ⁰C.
  • BACK-LIT DIGITAL LED DISPLAY: Prominently displays reading in an interactive way.
  • HANGING LOOP: The hanging loop makes storage easy and helps keep the thermometer off dirty surfaces. Simply hang besides grill for easy accessibility.
  • EASY CLEAN: Simply wipe clean for easy maintenance.
  • HANDY TOOL: An essential tool in every kitchen for baking, grilling and roasting.
  • BATTERY REQUIREMENT: Requires 2 “AAA” batteries not included.