Coca-Cola Retro Radio With Auxiliary input

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  • Model Number: CCR02
  • Battery-operated
  • Aux input
  • Faux leather handle for portability



This red and white retro style radio from Coca-Cola is a charismatic creation. Its retro look creates nostalgia amongst the senior generation whilst exposing the youngsters to the period and style.
With FM and AM bands, it is a great companion for both indoors and outdoors. The simple design with two knobs dedicated to volume and tuning makes its usage effortless and trouble free. The AUX input availability makes the piece suitable for music sharing too.


  • Retro style- This retro style radio from Coca-Cola is uniquely and stylishly designed. A classic radio with modern technology.
  • AUX Input- This radio can be connected to other devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, computers etc. with the built in AUX jack. Simply turn ON the radio and the device to start playing your favorite music.
  • Simple design and usage- The simplicity of design and effortless usage is its greatest USP. Just two knobs that give you choice of AM/FM bands, navigate the station using the tuning knob and control the volume with the other.
  • Antenna- The Antenna 10.75” long help catch your desired stations and help improve reception.
  • Portability- Its retractable handle allows easy portability. Carry and place at your convenience as you move location.
  • Attractive and vibrant- Attractively created in vibrant colors of red and white, where ever placed will only add character to the ambience of the place.
  • Battery requirement-Requires 3×1.5V “D’ size batteries. [ Batteries not included].

Unit also works with DC 5V adaptor [Not included]