Jim Beam® 5 Piece Cast Iron Grate Set

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  • Case Pack: 3
  • Category: Outdoor
  • Model Number: JB0184

Provides all the grilling essentials for you to cook

Perfect for grilling meats, poultry, fish, fruits, veggies and more

Great gift for any occassion

Set includes: 10″ cast iron grate, 10.5″ cast iron griddle, Cast iron meat press, Heat resistantmitten, Cast iron lifter



Jim Beam® 5 Piece Cast Iron Grate Set (JB0184)

A perfect tool for a grill master, meat cooking made more interesting with this effective cast iron grilling piece. Enjoy grilling your favorite food all the year round.

This absolute piece from Jim Beam comes with a Cast Iron meat press, 10.5-inch cast iron griddle, 10-inch cast iron grate, Cast Iron grate lifter and a heat resistant mitten. A perfect combo to an all-time grilling experience.

Make your camping, more adventurous and worthy with this unique piece of cast iron. The product has a confined dimension of 16-inch length, 12-inch width, 5-inch height and a weight of 11.5 pounds.

The cast iron lifter allows you to securely lift the grate off hot surface, whereas the stylish heat resistant mitten covers the pan handle to protect your hand while cooking. The meat press evenly grills while pressing out unwanted fat. The Cast Iron Grate Set is perfect for grilling meats, poultry, fish, fruits, veggies and more!

Cook the most perfect grilled food with JIM BEAM and happily serve your near and dear ones a delightful meal. The Jim Beam 5-piece cast Iron Grate set makes each cooking experience extraordinary and memorable.


  • Complete collection: This complete collection of premium quality cast iron products from brand JIM BEAM is a grilling enthusiasts delight.
  • Heavy duty construction: The heavy-duty construction makes for optimal heat retention and even heating.
  • Protection: The cast iron lifter and heat resistant mitten provides adequate protection from heat as you lift the grate and handle the griddle.
  • Spiral “cool grip “handle: The rectangular meat press squeezes out fat from the meat or flattens it as desired. The “cool grip” spiral handle provides a strong grip as you easily squeeze out the fat.
  • Easy maintenance: Wash with soap and water. Hand wash recommended