Jim Beam Burger Cover And Cheese Melting Dome

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  • Case Pack: 6
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  • Model Number: JB0181
  • Grill burger cover
  • Perfectly melts cheese on burgers, potatoes, pizzas and more
  • Concentrated heat allows even cooking with a delicious smoky flavor
  • Heavy duty 9 in. stainless steel construction



The Jim Beam 9” stainless steel burger cover and cheese melting dome can be used on the outdoor BBQ and the kitchen stove. Use this stylish and stable cover to prepare your burgers, quesadillas and eggs faster as they capture and redistribute the heat that would otherwise be wasted. Made from heavy duty stainless steel to prevent rusting, this dome helps you achieve the professional look and taste for all foods.


  • Premium quality construction: The premium quality construction of this stainless-steel dome makes it suitable for the professional chef and the home kitchen.
  • Multi-purpose cover: This dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook meat evenly, to melt cheese or to steam vegetables. The concentrating heat helps food retain flavor, prevents splatter, reduces cooking time too.
  • Large diameter: The 9” burger cover serves to cover multiple burgers and substantial portions of food. Great to use at parties, gatherings, cook out and camps.
  • Easy to clean: Easy to clean and maintain this burger dome promises a life time of super satisfactory service.