Jim Beam Cast Iron 3 Compartment Round Pan

  • Brands:
  • Case Pack: 3
  • Category:
  • Model Number: JB0187
  • Cook 3 foods at once
  • Premium quality cast iron
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Cook, prepare and serve all in 1
  • Material cast iron
  • Color Black
  • Round skillet with 3 compartments



This 3 compartment Round pan is an ideal skillet for grill and oven cooking. Its superior heat retention and even heating ensures even cooking. Available in dimensions of 10”x15.25”x1.25”, this practical piece of cookware saves time as it allows multiple foods to be cooked or grilled simultaneously.


  • This uniquely designed frying pan/ skillet allows you to cook everything you need in a single pan. Simultaneously cook 3 different foods using one burner.
  • Easy to use, cook and serve using the same cookware. Reduce your dishwashing load too.
  • The premium quality construction provides exceptional heat retention and distribution.
  • The ergonomically designed handle provides an easy and firm grip as you transfer food from heat to plate.