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Team StyleAsia

I belong to a family of professionals with no one having any entrepreneurial inclination in the least. So, when my nephew decided to open a gymnasium in partnership with his school buddy we were all a little apprehensive, not sure whether such a huge investment was warranted. Most of the family had reservations about the success of the venture. Gymnasiums were located at every alternate block, this would be just another room full of humongous machines is what we said to him.

I must admit I absolutely admire the perseverance and the dedication with which these two youngsters have given shape to their dream. No amount of statistics of gym closures and failed projects could deter the two. For every statistic that we presented they presented us with data that showed how the fitness and health food industry was only growing by leaps and bounds. I honestly am absolutely delighted to have been proved wrong! These boys truly knew what they wanted, their numbers were bang on and the goodwill that they had collected in their student years training and advising their peers on the matters of health, muscle and exercise had them in good stead!

The youngsters adopted the aggressive marketing approach, they wanted to build a client base first was what they said. Client loyalty would eventually follow. They were confident of making a lasting impression with the quality and service, personalized attention that they were offering. Marketing their venture and the specialized services that they were offering using social media saw them popping up on almost every networking site. Their logo and colors standing out.

That was a year ago! They are now working towards their first Anniversary celebrations and have thought of using the promotional marketing tool. As they step into the second year of operations,every new member on admission will be gifted A FITNESS TRACKER and as loyalty points the present members who renew their subscriptions will be presented with THE FITNESS TRACKER AND A BLUETOOTH ENABLED HEADPHONE. The motive behind these promotional gifting is both, to tempt and reward. The utility of both the products will only go far to enhance their brand and add to the fulfilling experience of the customers. Enjoy the privacy of your favorite music while you work-out, keeping track of the calories burnt and the steps taken.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler of the FITNESS TRACKER and THE BLUETOOTH ENABLED HEADPHONES from brand Lectrique. Made with the latest technology these products ensure satisfying and fulfilling use. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be a privilege if we can partner with you, as you seek to grow your enterprise. Available with us is an exhaustive range of practical promotional items, each one specially created to add purpose and convenience, enriching the customer and ultimately growing your business.