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Team StyleAsia

Grilling is both my hobby and a passion. I dream of becoming a chef of repute, with BBQ and grilling being my forte. In the quest to achieve my dreams, this past summer I invested in an outdoor grill unit. It now occupies a position of pride in my backyard. It was a precious purchase as a lot of sweat and sacrifice was required to allow that purchase to happen.

This first investment to achieve my career goal is indeed my most prized possession and I will continue to treasure it forever. With winter upon us I have the urgent task of protecting it. The size of the unit makes it cumbersome and difficult to cart it indoors time and again. So, the best, safest and most practical option will be to cover it safely and fully leaving no room for the elements of nature to damage it in any way. So, the next related purchase was an all-weather proof cover for the unit. With adjustable locking straps and cords that leave the grill fully and tightly covered. It left me fully satisfied and reassured that the grill will remain secure and protected even when ravaged by extreme weather conditions. No amount of rain, snow or gusty wind was going to erode the efficiency of my investment.

This buy proved to be a great investment too, now I am reassured that no matter what the weather man says my grill is prepared and protected. It will continue to remain in ship shape condition and help me create some great meals always. Besides keeping the unit dust free, no more fears of bird droppings or insects, that often make the crevices their home. No more apprehensions when it is lit again after a period of slumber. The covers come off and I can get to work. I have now insured my investment!

I am convinced that the barbecue cover is an important accessory for satisfactory grilling. Even on calm, ideal weather days, I have decided to keep it covered if not in use. I realize that covered it keeps all unwanted intrusions out. No more dried leaves or animals snuggling underneath. Made from all-weather material this practical investment ensures years of use. Its light in weight which makes it easy to handle. Cover and uncover with utmost ease is its USP. When not in use it has its own storage bag, so you are sure it is not adding to any unnecessary clutter.

We at StyleAsia carry these practical covers from our quality brand Jim Beam. Jim Beam that is synonymous with practicality, durability and functionality. It is available in multiple sizes for varied units. Please do feel free to connect with us or visit our showroom. We will be honored to partner with you as you protect your precious barbecue and grilling units allowing you to enjoy years of unlimited and sublime BBQ experience.