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I have entered the fourth decade of my existence and I am enjoying it to the fullest. I have often heard life begins at forty and I couldn’t agree more. You are wiser, more established and people view you in a different light. You are no longer considered frivolous or immature, you have age and experience by your side. You are in a happy place except for the changes your body is going through.

I have never worn spectacles my entire life! Lately I found my self squinting at the fine print on an envelope, unable to read the address. I chose to hold it under a magnifying glass to tide over the situation. That was no long-term solution and a visit to the ophthalmologist was inevitable. Sure, enough I was diagnosed with Presbyopia, in simple terms the loss of near focusing power. To be honest I did not like the idea of having a pair of glasses permanently perched on my nose or hanging around my neck.

A teacher by profession I have spent a major part of the past two decades in the entertaining and fulfilling company of 7th graders, pouring over their assignments and examination answer sheets. The fast deterioration of my eyesight required me to wear reading glasses, but the lack of habit saw the spectacles everywhere else but on my nose! I spent precious moments rummaging through my handbag and the drawers of my desk, feeling my pockets were the norm, only to find them under some sheets of paper. Why couldn’t I have it where I wanted them always? Always in charge of every situation and in command of my self I suddenly felt like a scatter brain! Loosing the same thing again and again.

I think my students sensed my predicament and came up with the most wonderful solution. They presented me with a convenient and portable eyeglass stand. Such a thoughtful gesture! It was a perfect place for the reader glasses when not in use. A sturdy stand that served well as it could be placed on the desk, bed side table and the dashboard of the car too. I promptly indulged my self and bought few more. Placed them strategically around the house, by my bed side, in the kitchen over the oven and one even in the garage. Seeing its simplicity and practicality I even bought one for my mother as she constantly complained about how difficult she found it to open those spectacles cases. This required just an action of slipping in the spectacles and slipping them out. Not only did the faux fur lining protect them from damage but kept them clean too.

We, at Style Asia are the wholesaler, distributor of this very practical, utilitarian product. Available in trendy and traditional prints, these eyeglass holders serve as ideal protectors of your eyewear. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you, so as to always have a pair of your precious windows to the world within convenient reach.