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Team StyleAsia

My work requires me to travel for the better part of the month. Traversing airport lounges, clearing immigration, clearing security checks, waiting in transit is all a part of the days work. I am a salesman but not in the traditional way. I work for a charitable organization and I seek help for our primary beneficiaries- the homeless. My job is emotionally draining and every trip I wonder when will every human being have a place to call home. The time spent in airport lounges is spent catching up on my favorite activity of reading.

We all lead overextended lives and vacations is the magic word for the overworked soul. A promise that I had made myself that I would spend quality “me time” with myself is sacrosanct. So, every year, a week off is what I dedicate to myself. There is no particular plan, in fact there is no plan. Rest, read, rejuvenate is the only agenda. This solitude that I gift myself maintains my equilibrium.

There is absolutely nothing overlapping in these two ME’s. One is staid, somber, a hard bargainer and the other an unpretentious, adventurous traveler. However, one thing that accompanies both ME’S is the Smart Essentials 6-piece Travel Set. The travel neck pack serves well as support during a quick shut eye on a flight or while listening to my favorite music. Such a complete contraption! It consists of a travel neck pillow, a phone and tablet holder and stand, earphones all included in a smart carry bag. For my trip this year I plan to take my kindle along, no longer worried about a crick in the neck due to wrong posture and extended reading. My head and book correctly supported, for me to enjoy my reading with greater concentration. Reading and working on my tablet becomes a more memorable and productive experience. My experience with its usage has been so satisfying that I even bought my father one. The elderly need the correct support for their head and neck to avoid complications caused by wrong position. The easily adjustable handle makes it simple to conform the piece to suit your comfort level.

My father says waiting at the doctors no longer tires him out, he never steps without his Smart Essentials 6-Piece Travel Set. Every visit sees him carry it along only to be complimented on the practicality and functionality of his piece. He never fails to remind me that the Smart Essentials 6-Piece Travel Set is the most practical, useful and helpful gift that he has ever received from me. Reading or playing games on his tablet makes the visits which seemed endless before now end before he even glances at his watch. So, occupied is he with his phone or tablet correctly, conveniently and comfortably positioned around his neck.

We at Style Asia are the manufacturer/ wholesaler/distributor of this latest travel accessory from Smart Essentials. Be smart, savvy, sensible is the mantra of this travel kit. An ideal piece for avid readers and tablet users for use of young and the not so young. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you seek style and comfort in reading, for yourself and loved ones.