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Queso, Cheese, Fromaggio, Keso, Peynir the most delicious words in Spanish, English, French Swedish and Turkish.

Cheese has been known to mankind for over 5000 years. History records its making as accidental and there is no concrete and conclusive evidence to show where its making originated. However, it can be safely said that cheese as an ingredient has always played a pivotal role in all world cuisines and helped transform many a staid dish into an appetizing meal.

Besides tantalizing taste buds and suiting various palates it is a wonder food containing the goodness of several nutrients including proteins, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin A, B2, B12. However, I Must caution that it must be consumed in moderation as it is a primary source of fat too.

On my travels across the continent of Europe I had the pleasure to savor the local cheese and I can confidently say that enriching trip succeeded in creating a cheese fan in me for life. So much did I enjoy that wonder food that I decided against buying souvenirs for friends and family but thought to share that wholesome food with its original taste with them too. So, I carried back home with me a variety of local cheese from every place that I visited.

A gathering of my family and closest friends on my return was soon organized, I wanted to share the authentic taste and goodness with all. I displayed and served the cheese on an equally authentically designed cheese tray. The tray made of natural slate board added to its appetizing presentation. The sharp cheese tools were ideal to cut the blocks into sharp, uniform wedges and cubes and spread the cheese over crackers and toast. Everyone saw a new side to me as I had taken pains over the display. The Slate Board Cheese Board Set had chalk pieces included that allowed me to label the different varieties of cheese with name and the region from where they were located. What a novel way to serve! Was the reaction of almost everyone present. It was a fun filled, entertaining evening to remember. As the tray was being passed around each one read the name of the cheese and its origin aloud, exclaiming as they savored the delicious bits.

We at StyleAsia, are the manufacturer/wholesaler of this unique product. Manufactured under the brand Chefs Basics Select this product is truly versatile and serves well to display your culinary skill. Aesthetically present the food and label it, every guest is aware and informed of what he is being served. Can be utilized not only to serve and label cheese but bifurcate your vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers too. Easy to clean and maintain, a must have for every household. Please do feel free to connect with us and contact us at your convenience. We shall be extremely privileged to partner you as you entertain, engage and enthrall your guests and family with your hospitality. Three Cheers!!! Queso, Cheese, Frommaggio, Keso, Peynir.