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Team StyleAsia

I am traversing through those years of my life where in I can claim to have fulfilled my responsibilities towards my children. They have completed their education and flown the nest. I am about to enter the phase of taking over the responsibility of my aging parents. Life has come a full circle and now it is my responsibility to care of them and do everything in my capacity to better their lives.

Recently my mother was diagnosed with Dementia. I did not realize anything was wrong until she called me by my sister’s name. A few days later, she returned empty handed from the grocery store, saying she couldn’t find it. It pains me to see her struggle with small details. A lady whose strength and compassion kept the family together now seems to be unsure and insecure. Dementia is slowly but surely creeping over her and her dependence on others is fast increasing.

As a patient of dementia there are many details of her daily routine that need to be organized and simplified. Often forgetting to take her medicines or taking them twice is a common occurrence. Both being dangerous instances as she is a patient of hyper-tension too. To help her take her correct prescription I bought her the 14 Day Medicine Pill Holder. Each transparent compartment carries her correct doze for the day. I help her fill her prescription medicines fortnightly and I can see the relief on her face when she realizes she only must open a tiny compartment and consume those only. A relief for some one who is prescribed an average of four pills after every meal.

Living with and caring for a family member suffering from dementia is both physically and emotionally draining. I draw my strength from the memories of my beautiful mother who till very recently was the crux of our home. An epitome of grace and selflessness she now requires to be treated with patience, empathy and kindness. None of us are equipped to go through our life alone, we must reach out and reassure our elders that they are not alone. Helping them lead their life with dignity is now our responsibility.

We, at Style Asia are the distributors, wholesalers of the 14 Day Medicine Pill Holder. A purposeful, practical, quality product from Smart Essentials. It serves to carry your prescription medicines in transparent individual units, clearly marked as “Morn”’ “Noon”’ “Eve” and “Bed” ensuring you have not missed any doze. Eliminate the carrying of strips of prescription drugs! Each detachable unit allows you to carry a day’s medicine too. A smart size fits easily into your briefcase or hand bag. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an honor if we can partner with you as you seek to organize and administrate the medical requirements of yourself or a loved one.