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Team StyleAsia

Of all the celebrations that the family calendar is marked with, 13th of February holds a special place. Neither is it a birthday or anniversary of a family member, nor does the date hold any religious significance but I must admit the celebrations are very elaborate and to an outsider may seem a little over the top. We are a family of music lovers and radio loyalists in particular. We celebrate 13th February WORLD RADIO DAY extravagantly. The cake is always shaped as a radio.

It goes back at least two generations when the radio was primarily the sole form of entertainment and with the newspaper an important media tool too. I am told it was the most important piece of furniture around which the family gathered every evening. listening to broadcasts on current affairs, comedy shows and soap operas.

The face of communication has undergone a sea change, with the internet touching and literally taking over every means of communication. The growing fascination with the everchanging face of technology and its latest gadgets should have in reality caused the death of traditional media but, you will be very pleasantly surprised that listening to the radio still continues to be one of the favorite means of connecting with the outside world. It holds true in our family routine too, every morning I am greeted with the town news as we sit around the breakfast table, grabbing our first meal as we all proceed to begin our respective days.

Radio continues to be a medium of mass communication, it still holds sway over a vast audience and it continues to be a very powerful means of communication. Its low-cost transmission, capability of reaching the remotest corners of the country serves well during emergencies and disaster management and announcements. My grandfather, though a very forward-thinking man, well in tune with the latest technology suggests countless advantages of the radio over other forms of communication.  He finds his time spent listening to the radio the happiest, says he can go about his routine with greater happiness and of course the nostalgia of the bygone days brings a smile to his lips always. With all voice and no visual distraction, the radio speaks privately to millions. Literate, illiterate, young, old, rural, urban, the radio is a confidant and companion to all.

Style Asia takes great pride in partnering with COCA-COLA the worlds most recognizable brand and continuing its mission of spreading pleasure, joy and happiness through its AM/FM radios. The red and white captivating creation is a great piece to gift yourself and a loved one. With AM/FM bands tune in to hours of unadulterated voice and musical magic. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we are able to partner with you as you too spread pure joy and entertainment through the medium of radios. Choose from the available models in the retro/vintage series, each one complete and adept in spreading the COCA-COLA message of pleasure, joy and happiness.