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Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. Yes, I have grown old, the creaking knees, teenage grandchildren and the number of candles on my cake shout it out but, I haven’t grown up the least. I’m a little kid at heart, so my eyes light up when everything is lit. Its holiday season and my living room is lit, ready with decorated tree for the seasons celebrations. The loud laughter, constant banter, unlimited supplies of goodies is what our holiday gathering is all about.

I haven’t grown up but, the others haven’t too. We have this tradition of playing Secret Santa, that all young and not so young look forward too. The picking of the numbered folded chits, analyzing the size of the wrapped package, imagining what is inside, is riddled with humorous comments and more comments. The laughter that accompanies Secret Santa is contagious.

This year I have done something extremely wicked. I have bought gifts for the family but have packed them individually in identical sized boxes. They are going to have to guess what the box contains. Not an easy task, I might add. I had during my conversations with the kids figured out what they would have liked for Christmas and have got them gifts along those lines. My niece is getting a Jewelry and Watch Set, my son an All-Weather Bluetooth Speaker, the twins a 52 pc Art Set and all the ladies a 24 pc Make up Brush Set. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s comments as they guess what their box contains.

With less than two weeks left for our party, I am both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I will have the entire family over after a very long time. I am craving the noise and madness that they bring with them. Apprehensive because I am eager to see their reaction to their gifts. It is for the very first time that I have done my entire gift shopping on-line. Did grandma get it right? Is what is circulating in my head. This shopping experience has opened up a new side to me, that of a confident on-line shopper! Till very recently I had my reservations about on-line shopping and the various operations to be fulfilled, but the easy to use, self-explanatory page converted my fears into a wonderful experience.

I am an avid online customer now. The site offers practical, age appropriate, competitively priced gifts. They have an ardent fan in me, Looking forward to some birthday shopping soon.