Jim Beam Tong

Jim Beam Barbecue Grill, Best Metal Kitchen Tongs for Cooking

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Made from stainless steel material & durable Para wood handles it allows comfortable & convenient usage. The extra long ergonomic grip handles ensure you are never to close to the heat. The attached hanging loops makes hanging an option for storage.



Product Features

  • Durable: crafted for seasoned BBQ grillers with high quality stainless Steel and damage resistant Para wood.
  • Safe: long handles allows you to keep your hands cool while maintaining control. Wooden Para handle prevents heat from reaching your hands making Jim Beam tongs The perfect large tongs for cooking.
  • Comfortable: The sturdy and smooth wood Para handle makes this one of the Best grill tools available. This is a must have for your ultimate BBQ accessories set up.
  • Locking: use the lock and hook feature to keep your tongs for grilling neat and compact.

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