Jim Beam Carving Set
JB0237 B

Jim Beam 3-Piece Carving Set, Includes Stainless Steel Knife and Fork with Wood Handles and Wooden Carving Board

Product Description

Carve any meat beautifully with this 3 piece carving set from Jim Beam. Precision forged, ultra-sharp stainless steel knife and fork. Rust and corrosion-resistant, means your set will stay cleaner and last longer. A must-have for all lovers of grilling. Our Jim Beam Carving Board allows you to finish out the grilling process at its utmost potential.



Product Features

  • IDEAL FOR CARVING MEAT – Jim Beam 3 piece carving set includes a carving knife, fork and a board forming a perfect trio to help you solve the difficult task of carving turkey, roast, chicken and beef.
  • PRACTICAL CARVING SET – The long blade carving fork can clamp the meat, helping you to slice accurately with your carving knife. The tip of the fork can also pierce all kinds of raw or cooked meat, and safely transported to the plate without falling. Meat cutting can also be done easily.
  • HIGH QUALITY – The carving knife and fork are crafted from high-quality stainless steel with high strength and are corrosion resistant. The carving knife and fork allow precise carving and slicing of poultry, roasts, and more.
  • WOODEN CARVING BOARD – Safe for raw and cooked food, the fastest cleanup you’ll ever experience. Simply slide this wooden cutting board over the sink; carve, slice, filet or chop your raw or cooked meats, fruit, veggies or cheese and then wipe the end bits right into the disposal.

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