Jim Beam Cedar Plank Grill Topper Set
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Jim Beam Cedar Plank Grill Topper Set

Product Description

Jim Beam Cedar Plank Grill Topper Set, Infuse fish, chicken and more with a cedar flavor with this set. Constructed of stainless steel, the topper set safely grills with the included cedar plank. The wood plank is easily removable for pre-grill soaking and easy cleaning.

Product Features

  • Cedar Flavor: The cedar flavor from the plank will impart your food with a unique and appetizing flavor.
  • Suitable for all foods: Ideal for seafood, meats, vegetables and even fruits.
  • Premium construction: Constructed with premium grade stainless- steel this combination of cedar wood and steel can be placed directly on the grill for aromatic and flavored cooking.
  • Large cooking portions: With substantially large dimensions of 16.5”x 12.4”x 1.8” it provides a generous grilling surface to accommodate food for 3 to 4 people.

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