Jim Beam Heavy Duty Grilling Mitten 1

Jim Beam Heavy Duty Grilling Mitten

Heavy Duty Grilling Mitten

Product Description

The silicone mitten from Jim Beam is soft and pliable and yet tough and durable. Its textured finger and hand surface makes gripping easier and stronger. The extra long canvas cuff provides extra heat protection for the hand and fore-arm. Handle your hot dishes confidently, nothing is too hot for this mitten. Generously sized it easily fits the biggest of hands.

Product Features – 

  • Cotton and silicone combine: Made from 60% cotton, 40% silicone and 100% polyester filling, the mitten is soft and pliable yet tough and durable. Textured on both sides permitting both right and left-handed use.
  • Comfortably long: The 14 1/2” long mitten allows a firm grip, covers and protects your forearm adequately.
  • Heat protection:These professional grade mittens provide heat protection of up to 500⁰F as you handle dishes from the stove, grill or microwave.
  • Generously sized: This generously sized mitten fits the biggest of hands.

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