Jim Beam Cast Iron Meat Press

Jim Beam Cast Iron Meat Press

With Stainless Steel Handle

Product Description

This thoughtfully designed cast iron meat press from Jim Beam is a quality product that meets the highest standards of quality & functionality. This meat press can be effectively used on any grilling surface. It is ideal for hamburgers, seafood, steak & even vegetables. Easy to clean, This meat press is to be hand-washed only. Simple & comfortable to use, this meat press from Jim Beam delivers evenly cooked food.


                      Product Features

  • Jim Beam press can be used to flatten meat like burgers to help them cook faster or bacon or ham to prevent the edges from curling. It can also be used to remove unwanted fats out of meat.
  • This grill weight serves as a bacon press, ensuring you get extra crispy flat bacon for breakfast, sandwiches and cheeseburgers! Great for indoor/outdoor use, pork, fish, steak, hamburgers seafood and vegetables. Once you go flat, you never go back.
  • Whether you’re making a panini, ribeye, chicken or crispy bacon, get perfectly cooked food every time with this efficient and long lasting cast iron grill weight.

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Product Description

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