Northpoint AM/FM Portable Vintage Radio
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Northpoint AM/FM Portable Vintage Radio with Best Reception, Circa 1960's Design, 3" AA Battery Operated Radio, Tuning, Volume and On/Off Knob, Yellow and Silver

Product Description

This vintage style radio from Northpoint creates a unique atmosphere as music streams from it. This versatile music machine serves its user to the fullest, making every musical moment an enjoyable and memorable one. With FM and AM bands, it is a great companion for both indoors and outdoors. The simple design with two knobs dedicated to volume and band choice makes its usage effortless and trouble free.

Product Features

  • VINTAGE STYLE : This vintage style radio from Northpoint helps create an ambiance reminiscent of the by-gone era. Introduce youngsters to magical musical moments by streaming your favorite songs on this vintage style AM/FM radio.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN AND USAGE: the simplicity of design and effortless usage is its greatest USP. Just two knobs that give you choice of AM/FM Bands, navigate the station using the tuning knob and control the volume with the other.
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: Tabletop radio; easy to carry and operate at home and any places; small in size with a large knob pointer tuning and volume control; very suitable for elders.
  • ATTRACTIVE AND VIBRANT: attractively created in vibrant colors of yellow and silver, where ever placed will only add character to the ambiance of the place. Comes with an integrated leather carrying handle.
  • CLASSICAL FM/AM ANALOGUE TUNER: Good quality of AM/FM receiver inside the portable radio. Just keep one to take you to the old days. Works on 3 “AA” batteries, not included.

Product Category

      Portable Vintage Radio

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