Secret of the Perfect Selfie With Selfies Case

selfies cases

Simple as it may look, the Selfies Case is an essential for those who love to take selfies! It’s durable and protective of your phone while it allows you to do as many activities hands-free. You can stick it on your mirror while you put on make-up, or mount it on your dashboard while you drive and access your navigation, or just simply place it on a clean surface (make sure it’s secure!) and take those selfies!

It’s stylish and affordable – something rare as we can’t bargain one for the other. Its adhesive back allows you to firmly grip your phone, but doesn’t leave your hands sticky and gross.


A product like this makes traveling much easier as I never have to carry a selfie stick. Its thin design is also something to consider as it’s neither bulky or heavy. It’s like carrying a case-less phone!

Another wonderful thing about this case is that you can chose from 4 assorted colors for either the iPhone 5/5s or 6/6s – black, silver, pink, and rose gold – and it comes with two tempered glass screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and two protective bumpers. (Talk about a bargain!)


Ultimately, the Selfies Case does exactly what it’s supposed to do. If you are selfie-obsessed as I am, this is surely the phone case for you