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It started as a fun challenge in our group of girlfriends, who met up once a month. That gathering always succeeded in rejuvenating all of us mentally. We led such mundane lives that these gatherings served well to entertain us and kept us in good spirits.

We played nonsensical games, laughed without reason and had loads of fun. We played games and whoever lost had to complete a task or a dare. As luck would have it, last month I lost the game we played and had to perform a task chosen by the group as my punishment. My task was not an easy one, I had to demonstrate the use of an article that could be used by a teenager and septuagenarian alike but the article could not be a piece of clothing or footwear.  For a moment I was flummoxed and couldn’t think of what to do. I kept looking around for ideas then all of a sudden, I saw a picture of my family on the mantel. I stared hard at my son and at my father and I had a Eureka moment, they both could use an electric shaver. It was not a piece of clothing or footwear, yippee I had succeeded in completing my challenge.

My father a creature of habit only used his old razor, the one which needed the blades to be regularly replaced. My son had recently invested in an automatic shaver and never failed to point out how smooth his shave was. This gave me the idea to demonstrate the use of a shaver so I went into my son’s bedroom and got his shaver out. I confidently demonstrated the use of that wonder gadget and won the challenge for the afternoon. I was a bag of happy emotions.

Einstein once said, “If I were to start taking care of my grooming I would no longer be my own self”. The exact opposite holds true for my father, usually an immaculately groomed man today he sat at the dinner table with a two-day stubble! Totally unlike him. On being prodded as to why he looked so disheveled he admitted having quit shaving. He said he didn’t feel so good so he hadn’t stepped out of the house and since he was out of blades he looked so ungroomed . My son promptly offered to teach him to use the automatic shaver, insisted it was the quickest, safest way to the smoothest shave ever. He insisted it would make him look easily a decade younger. He enthusiastically explained to him the workings of all the attachments, and showed how the charge indicator lights worked giving ample intimation when charging was required. Enjoying all the attention the young grandson was showering on him, he promptly agreed. The transformation took barely a couple of minutes and soon we had that familiar genial face smiling again.

We at StyleAsia carry various Men’s complete Automatic Shave essentials. GM7044 Wet/Dry Dual Blade Shaver2[AQUA SHAVE] GM7042- 3 IN 1 Rechargeable Shaver[SMART ESSENTIALS]. Gift yourself the debonair, dashing and the well-groomed look. Please do feel free to call us or visit our showroom. We strive to make the world a handsome place.