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My tryst with solar lighting started due to a school project. My 10-year-old was to make a small presentation on Conservation of Natural Resources and the Benefits of Green Energy. He was required to give day to day examples of conservation of natural resources and the usage of green energy in the vicinity of the home and school.

He worked in all earnest on the presentation, the kids of today take to technology as fish take to water. It just a  matter of time an extremely informative, explanatory and factual power point presentation was ready, underlying the effects of Global Warming, primarily its adverse effects on flora and fauna and human health. One slide showed the emergence of the ZIKA virus in the cooler latitudes due to rise in temperature caused by global warming. A harsh reality that sent shivers down many spines.

The presentation of usage of green energy in the vicinity of home and school had beautiful pictures of our neighborhood. Many driveways were fitted with solar lamp-posts and lights staked in their driveways all functioning on Solar Energy. His presentation made me rethink on the damage caused to the environment due to electricity generation and the depletion of natural resources. It showed in detail how the small solar panels trapped the sun’s rays generating hours of uninterrupted illumination. It was a short but hard-hitting presentation from the view of a 10-year -old. The presentation was a plea directed from their generation to ours.

There had been a delay in the renovation of my lighting system, but this presentation, the fervent and urgent plea of a 10-year-old made me go into action mode and soon I went about changing the lights around our property. I invested in the solar rechargeable gutter lights. Aesthetic, practical, easy to install with hours of guaranteed illumination made it a profitable buy. Every evening as they light up automatically, illuminating the surrounding areas, I feel comforted by the fact that the younger generation is aware and alert of the dangers of global warming. They are vocal of their fears and active in their participation for correction.

Recommendations of a 10-year-old:

  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  • Encourage use of public transport in place of private vehicles
  • Enduring change to green energy
  • Plant more trees
  • Say no to plastic
  • Adopt simply smartly solar.

We at Style Asia carry a variety of Solar Lighting Products under our registered brand EcoThink. Known for its design, durability and functionality these products help reduce our carbon imprint. Light up your homes, offices, front-yard, backyard, porch and terraces alike. The gutter lights available in white and bronze serve well to illuminate the surroundings emitting up to 55 lumens[square]. Please feel free to contact us or visit us at your convenience. We shall be privileged to partner with you as you fulfill your responsibilities as the guardians of planet earth. Go Solar, simply smartly solar.