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Among the human work-force multi-tasking is fast becoming a disliked word. A couple of years ago if multi-tasking was an attribute you claimed to have, you would probably be the favorite of the HR head, but not anymore. Multitasking has been known to affect quality of work and  cause mental and physical stress besides which  nobody is looking for a Jack of all trades and a master of none, It is all about specialization now.

However, the same does not hold true for gadgets. Infact, more the variations, more popular the gadget proves to be. The gadget that successfully performs the function it was built for and meant to perform but also does something additional is well liked and received .Wow! Now for the price of one you are getting multiple function gadgets. Multi-tasking gadgets are here to stay!

The advent and fast growth of Bluetooth technology has encouraged the invention of such multi-functional gadgets. These gadgets have improved and made our lives convenient. The awesome combination of Bluetooth Technology and the invention of the USB have been the game changers. This combination has revolutionized the manner in which music is listened to, enjoyed and carried. No longer dependent on expensive music systems, and huge speakers this combination has ensured that music truly reaches the masses. Great things come in small packages holds true for music too.

I came across one such gadget while I was planning my first ever camp with my colleagues. We had all distributed our responsibilities and I was to oversee entertainment. With the limitations that weight and space imposed there were not many options available. God bless Blue tooth! My research led me to this awesome product that was a powe bank and a bluetooth enabled speaker as well as a self timer selfie stick. We could always charge our phones, listen to our chosen playlists as well as take memory creating snapshots on the go. An ideal choice, I was complimented on the inclusion of this amazing product in our collection of essentials.

This amazing wireless self timer Speaker definitely did not disappoint. All of us were reaching for it to take the most amazing fun filled pictures, bonding and sealing friendships for a lifetime. All along we were reassured that we were connected to the outside world as the power bank helped keep our phones alive. The Bluetooth kept us in humming mode throughout. Hanging from my backpack with the help of the carabiner that little piece of technology was the harbinger of immense joy.

Each and every function that this multi-functional gadget set out to perform, it did with complete precision. The scenery, the smiles, the pouts all captured to perfection. Never did it let us down, the red lights flickered well in time to indicate that remaining battery power was less than 25% giving us ample time to recharge and continue our audacious singing.

We at StyleAsia carry a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled speakers, those that will serve as power banks and selfie sticks too. Please do feel free to visit our showroom or call us as we guide you and help you explore the wide options available. Allow us to help you enjoy the simple pleasures of life, music and friends to the fullest.