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There is almost a month and a half to bring out the tree and decorations, but Santa has already stopped by our home. He bought our family 4 stoneware bake-ware dishes! Something I wanted for a very long time. Our Santa is my father and a first-time granddad to my daughter. A man who is an epitome of unconditional love, patience and generosity.

It was one of their many unannounced visits. My parents often drop by and spend time with my daughter. She looks forward to these visits because she always gets to do exciting and entertaining stuff with them. They give her their undivided attention, while I am usually multitasking while spending time with her. That day they walked in with this rather bulky bag. All eagerly gathered around the breakfast table as dad helped herrip open the packaging to expose stone bake-ware. While, for once she moved away disappointed and disinterested, I was the one all excited. Beautiful, white stoneware for me to use as I was the one who baked regularly.

This mornings visit was the result of a newspaper write up which spoke about the dangers of cooking in a particular form of cookware and the toxins which mixed with food on the emission of heat. My father aware of the regularity with which I baked was disturbed with the information and soon sat down to research what would be a 100% safe, durable and an effective replacement. He spent a great deal of time understanding, examining and exploring the multiple possibilities and soon zeroed in on stoneware.

Stoneware has stood the test of time, being one of the first materials used in creating cookware. Its even distribution of heat makes baking a breeze and the most amateur of bakers easily achieves stupendous results. Expecting me to resist the change to stoneware baking my father so very endearingly explained that I could season the dish with some oil or fat and get the desired results. He even suggested cleaning options. Such a sensitive soul, his love for his grandchild and his concern for me made him do some thing he hated vehemently, that is go shopping with my mother. Unable to decide on which shape I would like most they indulged me with buying the entire range of available shapes. So now I am the proud owner of, LE REGALO STONEWARE OVAL BAKING DISH [WITH HANDLES], LE REGALO STONEWARE ROUND BAKING DISH, LE REGALO STONEWARE BAKING DISH,LE REGALO STONEWARE OVAL BAKING DISH. Spoilt for choice I take a couple of minutes before I can decide which of them is to be used.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of these very beautiful stoneware bake ware from brand LE REGALO. A brand that carries a collection of gift articles that we know will be received with eagerness and shared with joy. The gift articles from brand LE REGALO cover kitchenware, house ware and glassware. These beautiful creations made from the choicest material make a statement with every serving. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you take pride in using and gifting products that are steeped in quality and style.