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Team StyleAsia

I have always enjoyed building, breaking and rebuilding. For the first twelve years of my life I don’t remember playing with video games or for that matter any outdoor games. I was a Lego addict, every free moment was spent building with the colorful blocks.

That attraction to build, rebuild continues till today, however, now I am a do-it-yourself enthusiast. No plumber, carpenter, gardener is to be called for any repairs or construction until I have tried to achieve the desired result. I can proudly say that so far, my DIY tools have never let me down. For me repairing, rebuilding, restructuring and renovating are rejuvenating. Its my stress buster and I am happiest in the company of my plier, hammer, drill, screwdriver with the many bits strewn around.

The sense of satisfaction that engulfs you after you have repaired and put back to use something valuable or built something to improve your home or increased the comfort or convenience of a loved one is gratifying. The latest booster to my home was putting up bookshelves in the children’s room. Complete from designing it to mounting it on the wall, it was a DIY project. I am unabashedly proud of this work as it was a time bound challenge accepted from my 4-year-old. Shelves on which her Lego creations would sit.

From my entire collection of DIY tools, I am rather partial towards the American Builder 53-pc tool set. This set with all its diverse parts invariably carries the correct piece needed to resolve mechanical and electrical issues. Made from premium professional quality material the American Builder 53-pc tool set includes hex keys, clamps, tape, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, long plier, utility knife, bits socket adapter and precision screwdrivers. All this compactly placed and packed in a foldable box. Its convenient to find the tool and place it right back in the relevant socket. However complex and complicated may be the repairs and construction the collection of tools remains a breeze. Every piece placed back in the right socket after the work has been accomplished makes me truly proud.

The cost of the tools is well justified, every piece helps create your special piece. The quality and content warrants end number of usages and uses. Frankly for me DIY isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life.


We at Style Asia carry a range of DIY tools from our brand American Builder. Each of the American Builder combinations strongly subscribe to the belief of there being “a job for every tool and a tool for every job” The professional grade quality of the tools makes carpentry and woodwork a piece of art. We are the manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor of the collection of tool sets from American Builder. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you too adopt the DIY culture and make it your way of life.