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As I sit back and relax, mindlessly flipping the television channels, I am engulfed with a sense of satisfaction. Today, I achieved what I had set out to achieve, that is to receive a compliment from my perfectionist daughter. I must admit I am not the most motivated or inspired cook. Yes, I do get by. My food is palatable but not the most delicious. Cooking for me has always been a chore to complete and move on, never a passion to create and perfect.

The cutlery in my kitchen drawer will tell you how casual or basic is my interest. I till very recently owned only two knives! One a chef’s knife that I used to cut and chop all and another a utility knife I used when for some reason I could not find the chef’s knife. But now things are changing, slowly but surely, I am gravitating towards specialization. This change I owe to the extra critical comments passed by my foodie daughter. Having passed the age where they knew no different and ate and enjoyed what was served, now coming into an age where they voice their choices and opinion. I thought it to be prudent to adapt rather than hear the uncomplimentary remarks time and again.

My first specialized purchase was the JIM BEAM 4-PC SERRATED KNIFE SET. The 5” full tang, stainless steel, contoured wooden handle set made a difference to everything. It perfectly and easily sliced the meat. I no longer was struggling cutting it into fine pieces losing the juices in the bargain,leaving some pieces dry and unevenly cut! This afternoon’s meal saw evenly cut pieces perfectly cooked, just like she enjoyed. This simple and versatile kitchen tool had helped me perfect my cutting and slicing, elevating my cooking from mediocre to appetizing. The magic of specialization was playing out beautifully!

The JIM BEAM 4-PC SERRATED KNIFE SET is a grilling enthusiasts delight. Its triple riveted strength ensures that there are no embarrassing moments of the meat flying off as you slice. The ergonomically designed well contoured wooden handles ensure a firm grim. The smart knives occupy a place of pride at the dining table,proudly displaying the smartly etched JIM BEAM logo. I am truly convinced that the purchase of this versatile knife set will ensure that I am responsible for many more flavorful and delectable meals, changing the families opinion of my cooking for ever. I have changed my view that a knife is a knife and its job is to cut, to the correct knife is a chefs best friend and essential for creating a scrumptious and gratifying meal.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of barbecue and grilling accessories from brand JIM BEAM. Crafted from the finest materials every product stands out as a unique blend of aesthetics and utility. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you as you to seek to use and enjoy the specialized tools for barbecue and grilling creating delicious, appetizing and flavorful meals.