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A great introduction to cultures is their cuisine. It not only reflects their evolution, but also their beliefs and traditions. –   Vikas Khanna

A bowl containing neatly folded chits was passed around the class. Every child was to pick one and read out aloud the name of the country on it. My son picked INDIA, a country almost 13000Km away. INDIA was the topic of his annual social studies project. He returned home that evening after school a little disturbed and nervous, repeatedly asking me if I would help him with his school project on COUNTRIES AND CUISINES. My knowledge of the country was limited too, but I soon reassured him that, that weekend we would start preparation on the project in earnest with a visit to a restaurant serving Indian cuisine.

INDIA, being the 7th largest country in the world expectedly, has a vast cuisine. The menu card elaborately mentioned dishes from the different regions. We came across TIKKA in the north Indian section and settled to savor that. We ordered Chicken Tikka and Paneer Tikka, the details below the dish name confirmed that paneer was cottage cheese. My son relishes any form of cheese and was insistent on trying that. So, without much ado the order was placed, and we waited impatiently for our food to arrive. The waiter dressed in traditional Indian attire with a bejeweled, colorful head gear informed us that the tikkas were either pieces of chicken or cottage cheese marinated in spices and yogurt and then baked in an oven, served in a spicy sauce. We were advised to eat it along with the local bread called Naan, which was also baked in a clay oven. The sauce and the chicken pieces appeared orange, colored with turmeric, paprika and tomato puree with some food dye. Neither of us had ever put an orange piece of chicken in our mouths earlier! Our first bite was tentative as the slightly tangy and mildly spicy piece of chicken went down, but let me assure you we soon devoured the meal voraciously accompanied with regular sips of chilled lemonade. It truly was a lip-smacking meal! The flavors and the aroma stayed with us for a very long time.

Our first step on the project successfully completed, my son seemed more confident about his presentation. As his turn came closer, I seemed to be more nervous, as now I had to prepare and send to school that special food that his project spoke about. I used the JIM BEAM VACUUM SEALED MARINADE BOX. In the box, I left the chicken chunks covered with yogurt and the Indian spices overnight in the refrigerator. I tried my level best to replicate the local taste. The box had beautifully locked in the taste and speeded up the marination process. The chicken pieces had soaked in all the delicious flavors. As I gave the final touches to my very own Chicken Tikka, my son ran around the kitchen excitedly claiming, “Mom, it smells just like the dish from the restaurant!”The JIM BEAM VACUUM SEALED MARINADE BOX had served me beautifully.

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