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My daughter and I share an extremely healthy and happy relationship. This Mother’s Day we spent doing what both of us enjoy the most, cooking! More specifically grilling. In our quest to eat and serve healthy we decided on cooking an elaborate barbecue meal and having family and friends over. We had a total of eight mother/daughter and mother/son combinations and every single one of them shared a uniquely beautiful and pristine relation with the person he/she called MOM.

The oldest guest was my mother! A tender, affectionate, ageless lady whose enthusiasm, exuberance and energy at all such gatherings would put many to shame. Her knowledge and experience with BBQ and meats was undoubtedly the main element for the awesomeness of the burgers that we churned out that day. It was on her insistence that we used the Jim Beam Meat Tenderizer over the rather thick piece of meat, making it more succulent. Not someone to insist without reason, she explained that using the tenderizer to pound the meat would help break down the tough collagens till they turned to gelatin, leaving the meat more palatable and juicy. She elaborated that the simple process of pounding the meat softened the protein rich fibers leaving the meat easier to chew and subsequently easy to digest too. We would be doing the jaws a great favor is what she said. A great tool, we used the textured surface to pound the meat and the smooth surface for flattening the cutlets.

This Jim Beam Meat tenderizer truly was responsible for converting the otherwise ordinary burger into an exceptionally succulent and delightfully delicious creation. It successfully tenderized the meat without mashing and pulverizing it. A heavy-duty product weighing 12 ounces was all that was needed to beat the meat into shape!

Encouraged with the praise showered upon us for our culinary skills we ventured into personalizing each burger with mothers’ day messages using the JIM BEAM BRANDING IRON. We branded the sweetest and the funniest messages on to the succulent burger. My Angel, My Mother is what my message to my mother read. She not too familiar with this new concept of branding food reacted in the most endearing manner! She refused to eat it saying she wanted to cherish it forever! The Jim Beam Branding Iron successfully achieved what it was designed for grilling with emotion and expression!

We, at Style Asia carry an entire range of Barbecue, Grill and Tailgating accessories from JIM BEAM including the Jim Beam Meat tenderizer and the JIM BEAM BRANDING IRON. The heavy-duty construction and the ergonomic design of these products complement fully the utility and aesthetic features associated with brand JIM BEAM. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be honored if we can partner with you as you choose to spend your summer surrounded by good friends and a great barbecue.