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Thanksgiving is upon us, another beautiful occasion to remember, pray and thank the beneficent creator for all the good that was, is and will be.

Thanksgiving as a custom is not localized to America only but celebrated and observed across the world. Though the dates and months may differ, but the ethos and intrinsic spirit of Thanksgiving remains the same. Food, flowers, decorations and celebrations has always been a huge part of the thanksgiving. A thankful heart is always a happy heart!

Like most families we too have an annual gathering. All of us converge onto my grandparents home to celebrate and cherish this beautiful occasion. Our numbers always seem to increase from the previous year, either there has been a wedding, or a baby welcomed into the world or another friend who is now like family joins the Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving traditions we follow to the T. There has never been a change in the menu for the last decade or so. I have photographs to prove it. That is another tradition grandpa follows before the turkey is carved, he insists we take a photograph of him at the head of the table with the entire spread placed. He believes we must never miss out on any food but say grace only when all that we are going to consume is served. So,accompanying the roast turkey is cheese grits, green beans with bacon and pumpkin pie with walnut crust and of course the thanksgiving sweet potatoes. We have an album in which these pictures are meticulously stored and every year we pour over them discussing the previous gathering. This routine never fails to bring out the wittiest comments from grandpa on how everyone’s size, shape and volume has changed and how the turkey and the accompanying dishes have remained consistent and constant. This year I plan to serve a delicious and delectable variety of cheese as an appetizer on the Slate Cheese Board Set that I bought. This unique way of serving the appetizers will definitely invite a comment or two from grand pa. Known to appreciate unique and stylish displays, I can’t wait to hear them.The 11 Piece Slate Cheese Board Set includes a spreader, chisel knife, fork, a pointed knife, slate markers and two stone pencils too. This adequately sized natural slate board with its sophisticated handles allows substantial portions of food to be served giving room for a short-personalized message to be written too. My message shall simply read THANK YOU.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of this product from brand CHEFS BASICS SELECT. A brand where every tool is contemporary, bold and superior in every way. Aesthetically designed to effortlessly take the position of pride at every table and in every kitchen, these tools are a homemakers pride. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you too gather to celebrate and enjoy, thank and express gratitude along with family and friends.