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My tryst with technology began with the simple unassuming bed side alarm -clock.  I remember I was all of five when my mother bought me one as a birthday gift, it was shaped as a sunflower and the alarm when it sounded off filled the room with the sound of chirping birds. What a pleasant sound to wake up to! I always wondered how the chirping birds woke me up at the same time everyday without fail and my mother would say,” it was a clever clock.”

This ubiquitous tool found almost at every bed-side has been a constant in my life too. I do not remember ever rushing to school or to work as I have always been woken up, well in time by its melodious chime.

I must admit that though dependence of any form is to be frowned upon, I cannot help being engulfed by a sense of security as I routinely check and set the time- piece every night. I always sleep soundly, never ever subconsciously doubting that I may over-sleep or wake up to check the hour during the course of the night. My years of association with it makes me confident of its impeccable performance.

The previous academic session my son was picked to play on the school basketball team. Practice sessions required him to be on court at 7A.M. It was this that made me get him his own clever clock, THE POLAROID DIGITAL CLOCK WITH INDOOR TEMPERATURE. I succeeded in inculcating in him the habit of checking and setting the alarm daily, instilling in him the responsibility of waking up and reaching his destination well in time. This discipline I am sure will stand him in good steed and help him in future too.

Research shows that the consequences of disturbed sleep include emotional distress, mood disorders and performance deficits. In this performance driven world, a simple habit of setting an alarm and in turn enjoying all the consequential benefits of sound sleep, reaching and fulling commitments on time warrants that every individual owns and uses an alarm clock. The simplicity of this technology goes a long way in simplifying the complexities of todays times.

THE POLAROID DIGITAL CLOCK WITH INDOOR TEMPERATURE is truly a clever clock. It does much more than mine did. Besides the regular feature of alarm and snooze, it prominently displays the indoor temperature, time in 12/24 HR. format and has a very useful birthday reminder feature too. The tap technology lights up the LED Screen displaying all the details.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacture, wholesaler and distributors of THE POLAROID DIGITAL CLOCK WITH INDOOR TEMPERATURE from brand POLAROID. A brand known for its style, substance and quality the clocks guarantee to help you reach all your commitments in time. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you too seek to simply but surely enjoy a rejuvenating period of sleep and reach and fulfill your obligations in time.