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The joys of receiving a gift are boundless, irrespective of how old you are. A child’s joy on tearing out the wrapping off his present is in no way less than the joy of an adult opening his. The sense of excitement experienced when the gift is exposed is always consuming, no matter how many gifts you receive. Gifts and the idea of gifting is loved by one and all. Primitive man gifted, modern man gifts too. Human beings are social creatures and gifting expresses emotions of love, helps form connections, creates memories. Human physiology is such that it interprets the act of gifting as an utterance of affection and appreciation.

Birthdays and Christmas are not the only occasions to receive or present gifts. Gifting needs no occasion. Seeing someone after a very long time, visiting a sick friend, you want to apologize to someone or simply spread happiness, are all occasions where gifting helps strike the right cord. It serves as a connect. Gifting as well as receiving a gift helps achieve something that no other action manages, a “feel good feeling inside out “for both the giver and receiver.

The thoughtfulness that goes into choosing a gift is more important than the gift itself. A well thought of gift, which you know will be appreciated and used brings more joy to the receiver than an expensive one which will remain in its box unused. It is imperative that every gift chosen and presented is done with thought and the right emotion. The purpose behind gifting is lost if we are insensitive and thoughtlessly present articles, gift wrap them and present them as gifts. We are not building relations but hurting sentiments and inadvertently presenting ourselves to be insensitive.

The greatest joy I received was when I could buy my father a brand new, latest model cell phone that he always wanted. Always teaching us to prioritize our expenses, as we were growing up, he never indulged himself. It could wait, he always said settling for a used piece. Not anymore! I was an earning member of the family. The pride I felt in gifting it to him and the joy he expressed on receiving it will remain with both of us forever. Such is the power of gifts.

Gifts need not be tangible, gifting your time for a social cause close to your heart, spending time with grandparents helping them, entertaining them, adding some spruce to their otherwise mundane lives are gifts too. Experiencing their sense of sheer joy and contentment of just having their grandchildren around is your return gift.

We at StyleAsia are the manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor of a variety of gifting products which are both practical and easy on the pocket. Use every opportunity to express your love and thoughtfulness to your near and dear ones. Your consideration and indulgence will go a long way in spreading joy.  Please do feel free to contact us or visit our showroom and choose from the wide array available.