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” Two sides to a coin” is an oft used phrase to represent the different aspects to any situation. Without a doubt it can be said that the changes that society is witnessing or has witnessed in the recent past can be linked to the advancement of technology. The advent and growth of mechanization, automation, computer technology have been singularly instrumental in simplifying our lives across all fields, be it education, communication, transport and even the vast medical arena. I do not think the younger generation can even imagine a world without computers or google for that matter.

Yes, all the comforts, simplification that technology so generously bestows upon us has come at a humongous price. Deterioration in our health! The apps on our smartphones have made the walk to the bank redundant. Students no longer feel the need to walk to the local library to research a topic for their class assignment, Google has all the answers. Gone are the days when children spent a major part of the day outdoors, in the company of friends playing team sport or climbing trees. Now they do play all those games but, in the confines of their homes or some gaming parlor, their opponents being faceless entities and not their team of best buddies. Procrastinating in front of the television set over the weekend with a giant-sized bag of potato chips is their idea of a cool and chilled out weekend.  No more catching up with your soul mate for a heart-to-heart talk, rather just text and communicate. Personal verbal communication is becoming redundant. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs! Warnings stare at us from numerous fronts, the % of obese individuals is steadily rising, the age of contracting diabetes and hyper tension is constantly falling, depression amongst youngsters is a monster snuffing out precious lives. The future looks unhealthy and bleak.

Living in the 21st century, surrounded by technology is an unescapable reality. Automation and computers will reduce our physical activity but, we must not let that become the cause for deterioration of our fitness and health. To be on top of my fitness regime I have bought my self the LECTRIQUE FITNESS TRACKER a smart piece of technology that pushes me to be active and prods me on with constant reminders, if I have been lazy and not recorded sufficient activity. A fitness band that tracks your steps, the distance covered, calories burned notifying you of important calls and messages. You no longer need to be seated at your desk all day waiting for an important call you will be promptly notified of the same by the smart fitness band. A desk job can no longer be an excuse for an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Technology makes a loyal servant, let’s not make it a dangerous master!

We, at Style Asia are the wholesaler, distributor of the fitness band LECTRIQUE FITNESS TRACKER. A simple device that can help you surely and smartly be on top of your work out and fitness game. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you as strike a correct balance to achieve a fit body and a fine soul.