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No act of kindness, no matter how small is wasted.


My daughter and I returned home exhausted after our marathon shopping session. As soon as we off-loaded the purchases, she recounted what had transpired at the cash- counter with the customer ahead of us. The person concerned was a middle-aged lady with her arm in a plaster. She seemed to have difficulty reaching into her handbag to retrieve her wallet as she stepped forward to complete her billing and make her payment. Watching her struggle my daughter had offered to help her and with her permission not only removed her wallet, made the card payment, collected her cartful of purchases and helped her load the boot of her car. She received in return the choicest of blessings, praises for her sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Half way through dinner she looked up and wondered aloud if grandma took any medication, I answered in the affirmative that she did take medication daily for her diabetes and cholesterol. She continued to think aloud saying she was quite sure that grandma too struggled to tear open the medicine strips daily as she had often heard her complain about the growing pain in her joints of her fingers. The concerned grand-daughter took over and soon she was on the phone telling Nana that she would be visiting the next day. Armed with her purchase of the SMART ESSENTIALS 14 DAY PILL ORGANIZER she visited her favorite person. She insisted that Nana show her, her monthly medical supplies with prescription so she could help fill the pill box. She told her that she was gifting her pain- relief and peace of mind for a period of a fortnight and the offer was recurring and for always. Unsure of what she meant Nana watched her fill the compartments meticulously, taking care to put the correct pill in either Morn” “Noon”, “Eve” or “Bed”. As the compartments got filled up with the medication Nana realized that she was free from the daily anguish of tearing those tough foil packaging with her frail and painful hands. She needn’t look at her medical file but simply open the correct tiny compartment and consume the pills. The strong, air-tight compartments locked securely ensuring the contents did not spill, made from durable transparent plastic it ensured you were aware and alert for the new re-fill. The SMART ESSENTIALS 14 DAY PILL ORGANIZER would now keep the most important aspect of her life organized, now never would she miss her daily dose of medication.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of this pretty and practical pill box from brand Smart Essentials. The Philosophy of the brand is to beautify and simplify. The collection under SMART ESSENTILAS touches you and your life bringing it with unique and simple solutions. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you seek to simplify the world of our elderly and sick.