This holiday season has been exceptionally busy, exciting and at the same time strenuous. Our family is hosting a dual celebration! Besides the annual dinner on the 24th eve we are getting together to celebrate and recreate the soulful ceremony where my grandparents exchanged their marriage wows of “Till death do us part” a golden 50 years ago.

Initially, we planned it as a surprise, their wedding albums were the only documentation that we had. Recreating the ambience at the altar, the flower and décor arrangements and also the clothing style was possible. However, the emotion and the excitement we could just not replicate. It is part of family lore that the celebrations and dancing that followed their wedding ceremony was the talk of the town for some time. That got us all thinking and with consensus it was decided to bring the golden couple on board. Grandpa has always been the enthusiastic one, always ready to sing and jive was more than willing to exchange his wows again with the love of his life.

A gentle prod was sufficient for his memory sluice gates to open and out poured the details. What a fantastic memory! From the opening words of his father’s speech to the food on the menu, the names of the guests who raised a toast and songs that played, he remembered it all. We took it on from there, it was so much simpler. We sat grandpa down and listed the songs that had played on his wedding day. Its no wonder that the party was talked about for the longest time! One because the couple getting married were popular youngsters of the town but more so because every song was an Elvis Presley composition. He ruled the charts and his music drew everyone to the floor. Grandpa was a hardcore Elvis Presley fan and it was in this way he had acknowledged his idol’s greatness.

Taking the cue from the playlist and grandpa’s craze for Rock-n-Roll, we have prepared an identical playlist and plan to play those numbers only. To maintain the authenticity of the era we plan to use the COCA-COLA RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO.Everyone is super excited as this unit matches the era and perfectly fits our décor too. This part is to be a surprise for grandpa as after the party he gets to keep the system and can enjoy his playlist again and again and again.

 THE COCA-COLA RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH FM RADIO is a unit that easily connects to Bluetooth devices anywhere and anytime. The superior quality of the sound recreating the magic of the lucid voice of the artist. The range of the sound is up to 10 m and on a full charge can give up to 3 hours of playing time. This Bluetooth speaker with FM radio is all set to create the magic.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this music machine from brand COCA-COLA. A brand that is synonymous with American lifestyle and tradition, one which symbolizes style, freshness and quality. Made from some of the best audio components it provides the same ethereal experience. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you enjoy music of an era gone by or simply tune into the FM radio.