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Some were pointed, some were blunt, some were fluffy some were stiff. I was totally perplexed and did not know where to begin. I was out shopping for some make up and brushes. However, I returned empty handed as I was bewildered looking at the vast variety of shapes and sizes available. Did I really need so many? I really did not know what to do with those thin sticks that they were passing off as make up brushes. I needed make up brushes for personal use, not to distribute in the neighborhood.

What to buy? How to use? Where to use? were the queries that raced through my mind as I looked at the brushes collectively. I decided to research my make-up brush requirements and revisit the store with complete information.

Those shapes, sizes, lengths were there for a reason, and if I wanted every feature on my face well accentuated and minutely contoured I would be needing all those brushes for sure, for my personal use and not for the neighborhood as I had previously thought.

I broadly learnt that the type of brush and its function depended upon the area that they were going to service.

I did it the simple way, I divided my face into EYES/CHEEKS/LIPS and zeroed in on my requirements.

EYES-1] Eye Liner Brush 2] Angled Brush 3] Shadow Brush 4] Mascara Brush

The Eye Liner Brush, a thin brush to add a thin line along the shape of the eyes.

The Angled Brush, a tapered brush used to shade the eye socket.

Shadow Brush, a large, flat, short brush used to apply the eye shadow smoothly.

Mascara Brush is a sturdy brush used to apply as well as remove the excess mascara.

CHEEKS-1] Powder Brush 2] Foundation Brush 3] Concealer Brush

The Powder Brush is most easily the fluffiest brush from the brush family. Its primary function is to apply loose powdered make up as well as dust off the excesses.

The Foundation Brush is essentially used to apply liquid foundation over face and neck.

The Concealer Brush is flat with a pointed edge and used to cover blemishes or imperfections in skin.

LIPS-1] Lip Stick Brush

The long-handled lipstick brush helped to blend the lipstick with the lip liner giving a smooth effect to the lips.

There were multiple brushes of each type. The brushes were either tapered, straight and chiseled. They were so, to give a specific look

Armed with this knowledge I indulged myself and bought the entire kit of make-up brushes. I knew I would be needing all of them at some point as I confidently practice the art of make- up application and experiment with my look.