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Team StyleAsia

The words that describe me accurately would be an aging, music obsessed,record collector. I have always been a compulsive collector of every release of country and classical music. Blessed with an extremely supportive spouse and ample space I store my collection, neatly and meticulously labelled in two huge record storage racks.

My grandson all of 15, like most youth his age is never seen without two things! His smart phone and the ear phones plugged in his ears. He dreams of making a career in music and we often discuss and debate on various aspects of music. On his last visit home, he commented on the meticulously placed records. He was of the opinion that digital recordings had revolutionized sound and streaming music off the internet was the best way to listen to it. He very magnanimously offered to download some of my favorite tracks on to my phone, which I very sternly refused and gave him a mouthful on how vinyl records were forever and the music that they played had strength and soul.

For my generation Vinyl was the only way to play, listen and enjoy music. Followed soon by CD’S, DVD’S and MP3 which for Vinyl lovers for me was a huge downgrade. I do not remember buying any of those discs. I switched to listening to the radio. Recently, I saw an article in the newspaper which said that Vinyl record sales were again picking up and how music companies were organizing special festivals and events to boost sales further. Old is gold and back with a bang.

To make my grandson appreciate the music playing on vinyl, I bought him his very own turntable. The COCA-COLA TURNTABLEThe sign of good taste! The player settled in a faux leather case ensured easy portability. Supports 33, 45,78RPM and on being fully charged ensured 3hours of uninterrupted music. With this piece I hope to make him appreciate and enjoy music as it should be heard. I got him to read an article which mentioned that music giant Sony had announced its decision to re-enter vinyl record production. Not an easy nut to crack, he said he would voice his opinion only after listening to it for some time. I am glad he is listening to his music my way as I want him to understand and appreciate all the beauty of analog recording. I know he will soon come around and realize that my love for vinyl is because of the personal touch it lends, its collectability and characteristic sound which so far has never been replicated in any other form.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this music machine. A product under Brand Coca-Cola known for its superior style and quality, built with the very best audio components provides an enriching musical experience. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your earliest, it shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you to seek to enjoy your music in the most soulful way.