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Friendly, fuzzy, adorable, playful, smart, sociable are some words that closely describe our tiny pet puppy, Sparkle. All of 6-months-old she walked into our hearts and home a fortnight ago. Though it was an unplanned decision, it was a unanimous one. The entire family was gung-ho as we went to the shelter to pick up that tiny ball of fur.

The journey home was uneventful. All of us tentatively looking into the crate every time the car went over a speed breaker or stopped at a signal. As we drove into the driveway my older one commented that somehow now, he felt that our family was complete. All of us nodded in unison. There could not be a truer statement.

The food and water bowl, kibble, the squeaky toys, the small tennis ball, a pink leash with paw print on it and a variety of other dog paraphernalia lay strewn on the kitchen counter. In our excitement and enthusiasm to welcome our newest member we had overbought the things! Only to realize that Sparkle’s favorite toy was my socks, favorite pastime was to bark at the birds and favorite food was frozen carrots. She spent the better part of the day stretched out on the rug in the family room. She seemed happiest at dinner time when all of us were home. I think she too felt a sense the completeness.It was at this hour she acted her  craziest and funniest best.

We had designated duties towards our pet. My husband being an early riser walked her in the mornings and I took her out after dinner. The duty for training her to complete her nature call outdoors fell on us. The boys were responsible to feed her in time. We thought we had it all under control, till yesterday happened!

I noticed my husband sniffing his food, and then walking around the kitchen sniffing randomly. The boys walked in for breakfast only to say in tandem Mom, somethings smelling bad! I too had smelt something,but I could not put my finger on it. The entire morning passed, and we could not figure out the source of the smell. My husband commented that the smell seemed to be all over the house and not confined to the kitchen only. As he went around the house Sparkle faithfully followed him around as always. Randomly I commented that since Sparkle had eaten her morning meal, I would take her out for a while. When suddenly my husband had his eureka moment and announced that what we were smelling since morning was her poop! I did not know whether to cry or to laugh. Really! She couldn’t have pooped all over the house, the house was smelling. That thought led us to the heater duct. We bent down peeping and smelling the outlet, but so low and small was it that we had no other option but to try and pry it open. The heat being on, the smell was spreading through the ducts!

Out came the AMERICAN BUILDER 26 PC EMERGENCY TOOL KIT WITH FLASH LIGHT. My husband being a big DIY guy always had a variety of tools handy. Using the screw drivers, precision pliers and bits he managed to locate the source of that offensive smell. I have never seen him so calmly deal with the situation on hand, usually it is accompanied by a barrage of sarcastic statements. I put it down to how hopelessly entwined he is in his adoration of Sparkle. Sparkle is always forgiven everything by everyone.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of DIY tools from brand American Builder. A brand that is a household name for tools built to last. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you to contribute towards households chores and dealing with emergencies both outdoors and indoors.