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Most parents are sent for by the school management to inform them about the below par performance of their child or ward, or for some disciplinary issue or in the case of unexplained absenteeism. I can proudly say I am one of those blessed parents who was called by the school management to share and applaud the thought provoking and beautiful essay written by my 12- year -old on the topic “What gives me happiness”.

“What gives me happiness” was all about sharing and caring. The pure and simple thought of putting before yourself the less fortunate. The language was simple but the thought and emotion intense! She spoke about spending her birthday and other special days of the year, that we as a family celebrate, with the less fortunate. Yes, last year we had visited an old age home on her birthday and then the thanksgiving weekend was spent at the local hospital in the children’s ward with few terminally ill patients. The essay was a recreation of those experiences.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Azim Premji, Charles Francis Fenney all stalwarts of the world of business, finance and technology. However, the one thing that all of them have in common is that their names appear on the list of the worlds greatest philanthropists. These humanitarians believe that we rise by lifting others. Each of these beautiful souls are doing a great service to mankind, improving the lives of the less fortunate through different causes that are close to their heart, whether it is in the field of education, sanitation, medical research or conservation.

I work in sales and am often travelling to meet prospective customers. It was on one such trip that I had the opportunity to meet an individual who worked in the CSR department of his company and was exclusively looking for products that would be purposeful to senior citizens especially during power outages. They are the most vulnerable lot, particularly if they live alone and are not tech savvy. I suggested to him the MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LANTERN WITH AN AM/FM RADIO.A product that, with a simple turn of a knob bathes the surroundings in white light and connects you with the outside world, bringing special updates especially when everything else is incommunicado. The humble suggestion was well received and we satisfactorily supplied the desired quantity well in time.

We, at Style Asia are the manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of the MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LANTERN WITH AN AM/FM RADIO from brand NorthPoint. A brand that scores high on safety, functionality, quality and design. Please feel free to connect with us or contact us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor and privilege if we could partner with you, as you seek to fulfill your corporate social responsibilities and have the satisfaction of having purposefully and truly helped a vulnerable one. We truly believe that whether it is your time, monetary help or resources that you provide, charity simply benefits the giver more. The blessings that you will receive will surely lift you higher.