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“Cheers to renewed friendships” is what the invite for the party scheduled for New Years Eve is going to say. Renewed friendships because I moved back to my birth town six months ago after a very long span of almost 30 years. I left as a college kid and returned with kids in college.

Connecting with childhood friends and picking up from where we let off is the most precious and special connection. There is no “getting to know each other period “you just know each other. Nothing artificial, No pretense!  Some friends I met up with at the local Parish, one another in the supermarket and slowly but surely managed to connect with almost my entire batch over Facebook. This party is a reunion of sorts for my batch of school friends and those who I grew up with in my neighborhood.

I am so excited just organizing this get together. Can’t wait to sit around and chat saying, “remember when”. We have formed this group on WhatsApp and have already shared pictures of ourselves and our families. Shapes and sizes have changed drastically but the smiles remain the same. I remember few of us were part of the cheer leading team and performed regularly on sports events, four of those girls will be attending and I can’t help but wonder if they will manage those moves now, I most definitely will not!

The boy we all swooned over is no longer abs and attitude but a potbellied balding gentleman, a successful restauranteur. He loved his food even as a fourth grader. He runs a popular Pizza and Pasta place. He posted a positive RSVP and got a maximum of thums ups. All of us are looking forward to seeing him for sure.

We grew up in a time where there was no social media, social gatherings were real and not virtual. There was no Google for research and information. We had each other to share our discoveries and experiences. The library was the place to meet and encyclopedia was the book to pour over. Group projects were fun and truly team building activities.

I am truly blessed, where in this time and age loneliness is classified as a disease, I get an opportunity to party with childhood buddies and recreate memories and relive my childhood all over again. An opportunity where I can be myself because friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. I unearthed our school emblem and plan to put it up at the entrance and have managed to dig out some pictures of events held over the years. It will truly be a trip down memory lane. The entrance will read Welcome Home Friends on a Light box.

We at StyleAsia are the manufacturer/wholesaler/ distributor of this versatile Northpoint product. Inspired by vintage Hollywood cinema, this box helps create backlit messages and phrases. Please feel free to visit our show room or connect with us at your convenience. It will be a privilege if we can partner with you as you welcome your guests or make a statement.